(Re)introducing Dork’s Big Quiz – the world’s ‘greatest’ ever pop quiz! Book in your teams now!

Yes, we announced it originally over eight months ago. But you know, stuff happened.

The good times are coming, Dear Reader. Over the past few weeks we’ve felt an added spring in our step as test-events, test-festivals and test.. we were never really good at tests…

Basically, things are looking up!

First, we had news of our special Dork’s Night Out show with Phoebe Green in November (more on that here) and now… there’s this.

With the nonsense scale firmly off balance so far this year, we thought we’d do something about it. Enter ‘Dork’s Big Quiz’ (Take Two) – the first-ever edition of a night we did announce over eight months ago before, y’know, ‘stuff’ happened.

Taking place in a responsible, socially distanced way at London’s famed Sebright Arms, you can sign up for the event on Sunday 20th June now. Registration will set you back £10 per team, with each team limited to four people. Prizes on offer include bar tabs (oooooh!), signed goodies (aaaaaaah) and much ‘more’ (errrrrrmwe’llworkthatoutlater).

And yes, it will probably be reasonably silly. Sorry about that, we can’t help ourselves.

Fancy it? You can book in via Dice now, right here. You’ll not be sorry*.

* You may indeed be sorry. Sorry.

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