Come one, come a reasonable, COVID-safe number of people to Dork’s Big Quiz Night

We're bringing some extra stuff and nonsense to London's Sebright Arms in the name of responsible entertainment.

This year has been hard, Dear Reader. We know. Without much in the way of gigs since March, none of our usual festivals, delayed releases and a fog of mild panic laying heavy across the rolling hills of Musicland, there’s been a real lack of the kind of stuff and nonsense with which we like to fill our time.

If you cast your mind back to the start of these ‘unprecedented events’, however, you’ll remember those three weeks where everyone seemed to become really, really interested in pub quizzes. Just without the pubs. Six months late seems about the right distance for us to finally get involved, so we’re delighted to reveal – with all the caveats about ‘current restrictions’ and ‘a changing landscape’ included – the first ever edition of Dork’s Big Quiz Night.

Taking place in a responsible, socially distanced way at London’s Sebright Arms, you can sign up for the big event on Saturday, 7th November now. Registration will set you back £10 per team, with each team limited to four people. Prizes on offer include bar tabs (oooooh!), signed goodies (aaaaaaah) and much ‘more’ (errrrrrmwe’llworkthatoutlater).

And yes, it will probably be reasonably silly. Sorry about that, we can’t help ourselves.

You can secure your entry via Dice right now, by clicking the link right here. Possibly see a COVID-safe number of you there – add yourself on Facebook here!

Come one, come a reasonable, COVID-safe number of people to Dork's Big Quiz Night

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