Down a sweet glass of Weird Milk and their new belter ‘Better’

The West London weavers are packing off-kilter swoons all over the place, and it’s bloody lovely
We really love harmonies over here, we won’t deny it. If you chuck us a pack of them we’ll munch through them in no time. So when Weird Milk dropped into our emails, we practically started salivating – with their new number ‘Better’ on repeat ever since.

Imagine walking through a park on a hot summer’s day, the sun making your eyes squint and the smell of barbecue charcoal in the air – and you have ‘Better’. Managing to sweep up Beach Boys charm with a wink of Roxy Music’s most daring swagger – it’s the perfect sound of London at the moment, full of flair and individuality that you’ll keep playing over and over as the sun sets.

And it’s only their second single proper – which is a good sign right? They’re signed to the same label as Milk Disco and Phobophobes (aka London’s Ra-Ra Rock Records) – another good sign right? And they’re playing the good ‘ol Sebright Arms on Friday (May 4th). Which will be a good one right?

To find out more, we dropped Weird Milk a line to get the scoop on it all – and why we’ll be pouring these West Londoners all over our Frosties from here on out.

Before then, have a play on ‘Better’ below – we promise that after listening you’ll feel… significantly improved from before

How are things in the world of Weird Milk, how does it feel to be releasing new music into the world?

Things in the world of Weird Milk are generally positive thank you, especially when we are releasing something new. I think it’s the bit that a lot of bands look forward to most, it’s when you finally get to let everyone into your heads.

‘Better’ is a bit of a belter, how long has the track been about and how did it all come together?

Oh, thanks! Glad you like it. We’ve had it for a little while actually, we’ve been playing it live for a year or so. Charlie (drums, vocals, pen n paper) came up with the chords for the chorus on a little 80’s keyboard thing. Then, Zach (vocals, guitar, pen n paper) joined in and helped finish it off. We were conscious of there being those tempo changes and little shifts in the song. We wanted it to sound sonically vast.

What’s it been like over the past year for you guys since the last release of music, what’s ya spare time been up to most?

Oh it’s been alright thank you, you know how it is. We’re always eager to be releasing things in a cathartic sense but there are always things to get on with, playing gigs, writing, rehearsing, or just hanging out etc.

Playing live has become a huge part of your year, what’s it been like stepping on stage with music out there? Any particular hilarious memories of life out and about?

Every gig is fun, every gig is different in most ways. Playing new songs live for the first time is always the most exciting part for us because there’s so much at stake. Hilarious memories no way. Any band member caught doing anything remotely hilarious on the job is harshly reprimanded and faces a 2 gig ban.

Read that you guys met in West London, how did you guys all come together and fall into place as a band?

University, man. The search for an education. Josh, Alex and Charlie all came to London to study. Charlie and Alex in West London and Josh in South West. Charlie and Zach were in a band before, and so were Josh and Alex, so when those bands stopped playing we started this one.

Lots of people have talked about the Beach Boys as influences of yours, is that the case? And what other cracking sounds have swept you up in band life as Weird Milk!

They definitely have an influence on the way we put some of our harmonies together and we are very fond of them. But, there are others that definitely have an impact. Harry Nilsson, Les Baxter, Leonard Bernstein, The Mamas and the Papas, The Walker Brothers. There’s a lot of great, great music.

If you were a meal, what meal would Weird Milk be?

A very good question. I think maybe a Lasagne, I’d like to think there are layers.

What kind of ambition do you guys have on the horizon, where do you want to go from here?

To make someone, somewhere, feel something. No, to take over the world. No, to put out another song not too long after this one and see where we’re at. Thanks!

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