Downtown Kayoto has released a new single, ‘Run From You’

It's from an upcoming project, due later this year.

Downtown Kayoto has released a new single, ‘Run From You’.

Out now via Other Projects (NiNE8, KhakiKid), it’s a cut from the Zimbabwe-born, Hull-raised newcomer’s upcoming project, which has already been teased by recent drop ‘In2you’.

On the track’s lyrical inspiration, Downtown Kayoto explained: “Run From You is a song about how I would run away from my problems, I’m pretty sure that everyone goes through a similar thing. Specifically this was about a relationship that I really valued at the time, and when I look back at how I dealt with the end of the relationship I noticed that my behaviour was definitely avoidant. I get really prideful at points so sometimes I’ll just run so that I don’t need to deal with the situation at hand; run with no particular destination in mind, I just run and I when I look back I run fast… This is one thing I really wanna stop doing (lol). It’s not really healthy but without it I guess I wouldn’t have made this song.”

Check it out below.

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