Dream Wife pull out their best wrestling moves for their new ‘F.U.U.’ vid

The trio have not long released their debut album.
Dream Wife have shared a new video to coincide with their current batch of shows.

The band – who’re currently on the road in Europe – have loads of live dates coming up, arriving back in the UK on 20th March.

They explain of the clip: “For our new video for F.U.U consider: ROCK AND ROLL AS AN EXTREME SPORT. A place where everyone gets a 10, there are no winners, no losers, just high adrenaline, high octane good times.

“F.U.U is a partly tongue in cheek, partly deadly serious exploration of gleeful aggression and where better to WORK OUT this aggression than in the wrestling ring?

“We would like to thank all of the Bad Bitches, Aidan & the Dream Team and the gang at EVE WRESTLING from the bottom of our hearts, as they taught us; everyone is a wrestler, maybe they just don’t realise it yet.”

Watch ‘F.U.U.’ below.

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