Update: An EP claiming to be from pre-The 1975 band Drive Like I Do has appeared online, but it’s not supposed to be there

Calm down everyone, it's a fake.

Well, Dear Reader. It’s been a nice break. A quiet few months with limited nonsense. Just nice, easy to understand releases from lovely artists who don’t ever make us run round in circles questioning if any of this is real life or just some fever dream we’re reading far too much into. Alas, that’s over now. There’s The 1975 related tomfoolery afoot ‘on the internet’ again.

Earlier today, an EP appeared on streaming services under the name of the band’s previous guise, Drive Like I Do. It contained two tracks – what appeared to be recordings of ‘Scary Monsters’ and ‘Wolves’, that at least seemed to sound like the band would have done ‘at the time’ – i.e. not re-recorded up to date takes.

However, you shouldn’t get too excited. This isn’t official, it’s not supposed to be there, and it’s being taken down. There’s already been one Drive Like I Do hoax this year, when a website suggesting the band would drop an album appeared, and then was swiftly shot down.

However, we do know The 1975 have been dabbling with Drive Like I Do related ‘stuff’ – Matty told us himself in the lead up to the release of Notes. “I wrote a couple of new DLID songs and we recorded them the other day,” he revealed. “I’ve been listening to them and it’s really exciting. I remember Hann saying they were ‘peak Drive Like I Do’ when he heard them. It’s weird because it is DLID. It’s a different band, it had its own style.”

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