Drug Store Romeos have been forced to delay their debut album for a couple of weeks

Originally due this Friday, 25th June, it'll now be out on 9th July.

Drug Store Romeos have been forced to delay the release of their debut album for two weeks.

‘The world within our bedrooms’ was originally set to arrive this coming Friday, 25th June. However, after an update from their label, the band have explained it’ll now be coming on 9th July.

“Hi everyone,” the band wrote on Instagram. “I don’t really know how to tell you this and the only appropriate photo I could think to share along with it is a photo of a grumpy Sarah back in fleet as we wait for a delayed train. We’ve got some frustrating news to share about ‘The world within our bedrooms’ release date, a vehicle of quite a different locomotion. The album will now be coming out on the 9th July. We’re really sorry for the wait but can’t wait for you to hear it and hope that waiting two more weeks will be worth it! As we know that you’ve been waiting patiently for it we have a few special things we can share with you in the meantime coming very soon.”

They go on to add a note from their label, Fiction Records, which reads: “After exploring all possible options and doing our most to get this album out on time, we are sorry to let fans know that the album will now be moving back 2 week. This push back is due to production issues with the vinyl records. Vinyl is in higher demand than ever and with recent shortages in raw material and limited pressing capacity the soonest we can get these to fans is the 9th July.”

You can check out the full post below.

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