Dua Lipa’s dropped her new tune, ‘Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott, remixed by The Blessed Madonna)’

It features on remix album, 'Club Future Nostalgia'.

Dua Lipa’s dropped her new tune, ‘Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott, remixed by The Blessed Madonna)’.

It features on ‘Club Future Nostalgia’, an entirely remixed version of Dua’s latest album ‘Future Nostalgia’, created in collaboration with The Blessed Madonna.

“I decided to take the party up a notch with the incomparable The Blessed Madonna,” she says, “who secretly helped me to craft the mixtape that would become ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ and the absolute queens Missy Elliott and Madonna joined me for an epic remix of ‘Levitating’.”

The Blessed Madonna adds: “It is no overstatement to say that reimagining Dua’s amazing record, Levitating with Madonna and Missy Elliott was my dream come true. That’s a phrase that is overused, but in this case, it is absolutely literal. I thought a lot about what it would mean to enter the “Duaverse” and make a dance classic that we would both be proud of equally. I wanted this to stand the test of time and straddle the things I love about underground electronic music and perfect pop music. It was strange to work completely alone and in total secrecy on something that has been the most special and ultimately public experience of my life. I think being in a world where there were no clubs, allowed me to create a record for the dance floor that only lived on my mind. Being a part of this was not only an honour but the very best medicine for dancing feet that are stuck at home. I hope it lifts up the spirits of everyone that hears it, as much as it has lifted mine. Truly, I am levitating.”

Give it a listen below.

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