Dylan Fraser has performed ‘It Took A Lot To Get To This’ in the Vevo DSCVR studio

The record was released on August 26th via Asylum / Atlantic.

Dylan Fraser recently headed into the legendary Vevo DSCVR studio, where he performed ‘It Took A Lot To Get To This’ – a track from his recent ‘2030 Revolution’ EP.

Dubbing the track “lush anthem born of crushing anxiety,” a live rendition gives Fraser the chance to translate his heavy rhythm and shining vocals to the iconic filming location

You can watch the live performance of ‘It Took A Lot To Get To This’ below:

Dork said that Dylan Fraser’s ‘2030 Revolution’ EP is, “crunching and biting with simmering anger and overwhelming emotions,” in a 4-star review which you can read here. The Scottish singer also shared his own track-by-track walkthrough of the record, which you can check out here.

The full tracklist reads:

1. Apartment Complex on the Eastside
2. It Took A Lot To Get To This
3. Vampire (with Alaska Reid)
4. 2030 Revolution

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