Eagulls debut new ‘Skipping’ video, featuring absolutely no skipping

Come on guys. It's fun and great exercise.
Eagulls have debuted a new video for their track ‘Skipping’, taken from their second album ‘Ullages’, which is out next month.

The clip features absolutely no skipping what-so-ever, which, being blunt, is probably one for the Trade Descriptions Act. Instead, there’s muscley pecs, smoke, slights, some sort of bee keeper – you try to make sense of it.

The band’s George Mitchell is at least trying to help, explaining in a press release: “The concept evolved into the idea of working around this one central character that exists in an environment that has been fabricated solely to fulfil an almost ritualistic act, in an isolated spaced distant from everyday reality and routine. I liked the idea of the act being fetish like in its portrayal, communicating the feeling that the character was using it as a form of private escapism, a pre-meditated means of release, disconnected from any day to day role and of course monotony.”

Yep. We did say trying. Not succeeding.

Check out the video for ‘Skipping’ ‘below’. ‘Ullages’ is released on May 13th.

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