Eaves Wilder has shared her new EP ‘Hookey’

Accompanying the release is new single ‘Connect The Rooms’.

Eaves Wilder has dropped her new EP, ‘Hookey’.

Accompanying the release is new single, ‘Connect The Rooms’.

Speaking about the EP, Eaves explains: “Hookey is basically about bunking off. I spent most of my teens playing Hookey in the music room at school. That’s where I wrote songs and taught myself instruments. ‘Are You Diagnosed?’ was literally written in the middle of my French GCSE class, and I remember mixing my first demos of ‘Morning Rain’ under my desk in sixth form. Through lyrics, production, or melody, my main thing is always adding as many hooks as possible – or how can I expect people to listen? 

Each song is kind of a different perspective of where I was and why I wasn’t at school, it shows a progression. It started in the hospital when I was unable to speak my mind, and ended with the decision to share the secret songs I’d been making.”

Eaves will be performing at London’s The Lexington on 4th May.

You can check out ‘Connect The Rooms’, and the EP ‘Hookey’, here:

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