EFÉ has released a nostalgic, 00s-inspired new single and video, ‘2000SEVEN’

It arrives following her recent signing to FADER Label.

Irish artist EFÉ has released a new single, ‘2000SEVEN’.

The Dublin-based artist, whose real name is Anita Ikharo, co-directed the accompanying video with Wiktoria Weintritt, embracing a nostalgic ’90s aesthetic with Japanese film-inspired colour palettes. The video showcases EFÉ and her band performing in various eclectic rooms, centred around a cosy bedroom setting.

EFÉ explains the origins of the track: “2000SEVEN Was kinda a rocky version one of my first songs ‘seven’ except this one feels new and could’ve came out in the early 00s hence the name change. It’s also the way me and my band play it live so it was only right we had a recorded version for people to hear. It was a song I wrote when I was like 19, and about how you get closer to someone especially when times kinda get hard and a bad experience can bring people together.”

Discussing the video’s inspiration, EFÉ adds: “The 2000SEVEN video was heavily inspired by Cibo Matto’s live performance on a short lived cable programme in 1996. I loved just how cool it was and the live setting of a bedroom was so awesome and refreshing to me and kinda a recurring setting in my music videos. I also love the aesthetic of bedrooms and decorated rooms so it felt very fitting. Me and Wiktoria Weintritt directed it together and it was an insane experience that took very long to finish. But when we finally got the finished video, we were so happy and it’s definitely my favourite music video I’ve made!”

Check it out below.

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