Ekkah bring the disco with new groover ‘Can’t Give It Up’

The duo have set their sights on the dancefloor, and boy is it infectious
Like a fine-dining restaurant, we’ve been fed small samples of Ekkah over the past couple of years, and now we’re starving. So it’s bloody great that they’ve gone and unveiled their latest cut ‘Can’t Give It Up’.

Full of sass, funk and enough disco highs to make a disco-ball look un-disco-y (we’re so excited that we’re just making up words), it’s the moment where Ekkah take the bull by the horns and say “Let’s have a fucking party”.

Now that quote may be made up, but Ekkah’s smooth smashes are sure to be a hit at their upcoming UK headline shows – calling into The Rocking Chair in Sheffield on November 4th along with a special night at London’s Corsica Studios on November 10th.

We can’t stop playing this, so start spinning it with us below,