Emily Burns’ new single ‘Press Pause’ is pretty great tbh

It's about feeling overwhelmed. 

Emily Burns’ new single ‘Press Pause’ is pretty great tbh.

A snippet of the addictive tune was first debuted live on Instagram, and the reaction led to Emily finishing it during lockdown.

“I wrote ‘Press Pause’ as a kind of personal protest against the constant trail of overwhelming information that I see in the media and across socials, every day,” she explains.

“It feels like every corner you turn, there is another opinion, that opposes another opinion, that opposes another opinion… and it becomes hard to know what’s actually fact. Sometimes it all feels a bit too much, so ‘Pressing Pause’ is a metaphor for turning down all of that noise and taking a second to just think and breathe. Like switching off the news.”

“I wrote this idea a few months ago and never really intended for anyone to hear it. It was more a cathartic experience… just voicing my feelings and concerns about the state of the world in general.”

Give it a listen below, and catch Emily on tour this October.

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