England may or may not win the World Cup, but we’ve already got the banger of the tournament with The Rhythm Method’s ‘Chin Up’

The video's got some top pop star cameos too.
The World Cup. A time for hopes and dreams. A time for national jubilation or commiseration. A time for sporting related bangers. If there’s one band who can bring us together in the agony and ecstasy of football’s biggest jamboree then it’s The Rhythm Method.

Joey and Rowan have already proven themselves as purveyors of brilliantly brainy bangers and now they’ve turned their trademark attention to the beautiful game with their much anticipated World Cup anthem ‘Chin Up’. We caught up with Joey and Rowan to find out all about it.

Hey Joey and Rowan! So, what can you tell us about Chin Up?

Hello Dork, ‘Chin Up’ is our world cup song and it comes out on Friday 8th of June (that’s today – Ed). Just in time for football fever to take over the world. We’re very proud of it.

What gave you the inspiration to do a football song?

For as long as we’ve been a band people have suggested that we do a football song. I suppose because we’re both football fans and our songs are generally a mix of hope and comedy and agony that reflects the beautiful game. We got a tip off that an energy drink brand (who will remain nameless) were looking for one so we wrote ‘Chin Up’ as our submission. The bastards turned us down but we thought we’d release it anyway. Seems theirs is a no show, so who’s laughing now?

[sc name=”pull” text=”Without getting too silly, football is kind of a metaphor for life”]

The song is very Rhythm Method. Was it important to do a World Cup song but keep it very you?

Absolutely. But that wasn’t too hard because we always aim to please ourselves first. We believe that the more niche and personal you get, weirdly, the more universal something becomes. So when Joey talks about ‘the television on the blink’ when Frank Lampard scored the goal that wasn’t against Germany, that was a real moment. There was a power cut in South West London where we’re from and it happened just as the ball crossed the line.

There’s a bit of melancholy in there too. It feels like the best football songs have that in them, why do you think that is?

Without getting too silly, football is kind of a metaphor for life. It’s usually boring, often unfair and occasionally brilliant. In England there’s always been this culture of unjustified optimism or gloomy pessimism. Our message in ‘Chin Up’ is a kind of cheerful realism…in football, but in life in general too. That’s always been our approach.

[sc name=”pull” text=”We roped in a few celebs to cynically up our view count…”]

Tell us about the video? it’s quite something

Well, we roped in a few celebs to cynically up our view count… No seriously, we asked around and very nicely Ellie and Theo from Wolf Alice and Austin from Swim Deep came down for a kick about. Joey is actually a fairly decent keeper in real life. Rowan plays a kind of merry-go-round English manager, skinny tie and Moss Bros suit.

How did you get everyone to take part?

If you build it, they will come. A free pint usually helps as well.

Finally, what’s next for The Rhythm Method for rest of the year? Anymore new music on the way?

After inspiring an English football renaissance, we’re finishing recording our debut album with Moshi Moshi. That should be out later this year and we’re feeling very excited about it. It will be a mix of singles and new bangers that we’ve written. [sc name=”stopper”]

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