Enter ‘Modern Ruin’ – the new one from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

The title track from the incoming new album is the pent-up anthem you need for a Monday morning
Continuing that march to unparalleled game-changing status, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have unveiled the title track from their upcoming second album ‘Modern Ruin’.

Instead of kicking the door off the hinges, they’ve lifted it from the frame and smashed it to bits in the front garden, packing that ferocious Frank Carter prowl that’ll be responsible for many-a torn apart venue over the next few months.

Described as “the only hardcore song on the whole record”, Frank elaborates that “it’s the defining hardcore song of a generation, I hope. We wrote that and then I was like, ‘we don’t need anymore, boys. Let’s change tact.’

“We’re trying to change things up and show that there’s more to us than beat downs and blood. We write really good songs and that’s what we want to be remembered for. Not for the carnival around it. We want to be remembered for the songs and ultimately, if you’re in a band and people only go and see you because they think you’re going to be violent, that’s counter-productive. That’s not why I’m here.”

‘Modern Ruin’ – the album itself, is set to land January 20th and to mark the occasion Frank & The Rattlesnakes will be heading all over the shop to play, well, a string of unique record shop shows before returning from a European tour with Biffy Clyro to play their own massive headline dates in March.

Dive into ‘Modern Ruin’ below, it’s a bloody beautiful sight.