Eric Cantona has delivered his debut single, ‘The Friends We Lost’ – and it might just be brilliant

“When I’m asked how I’d like to be reincarnated, I always say: as an eagle."
Photo credit: Jason Hindley

Eric Cantona – yes, the Manchester United and France football legend, King of Old Trafford – has released his debut single.

Titled ‘The Friends We Lost’, the track is an atmospheric moment typical of Cantona’s dramatic flair both on and off the pitch.

Recorded and produced by Johan Dalgaard at the La Frette Studios, it’ll be followed on 16th June by a French single, ‘Tu Me Diras’.

“When I’m asked how I’d like to be reincarnated,” Eric explains, “I always say: as an eagle. The lyrics are meant for this eagle, I ask it how it feels in full flight, surrounded by silence and the wholeness”.

“Of course, I could have been more specific, given the names of close ones I’d lost, but it wouldn’t have allowed the listener to make it his own, and relate to it as part of his own story. I wanted to express this feeling that overwhelms me at times, that I hadn’t enjoyed those good moments spent with friends and family intensely enough”.

“Music has always been a part of my life. I’ve always had music playing. Why start today, so many years later? Simply because I had lacked the time before. During lockdown, I finally managed to give the guitar a serious go, and even though I’m still a poor guitarist, I felt confident enough to whip a few songs into shape”.

He’ll play a run of live shows this October, kicking off in Manchester before heading to London and Dublin.

“Next year, I’ll be playing with a band,” he says, “but for now I’m starting with a modest piano to play alongside me in intimate venues. I’ll be starting in Manchester, because it’s a city that has stayed with me so much. For the football of course, but also the general atmosphere”.

The dates read:

26 Stoller Hall, Manchester
28 Bloomsbury Theatre, London
31 Liberty Hall, Dublin

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