Evans the Death take the piss out of student film-making in new video

It’s very funny.
Evans the Death have released a new video for ‘Suitcase Jimmy’ – watch the clip below.

The song is the latest taken from the London five-piece’s third album ‘Vanilla’, released earlier this summer through Fortuna POP!, with the video a parody of student film-making directed by Danny Nellis.

“We owe the title to our friend Carolina – I was hanging out with her by the river one day and we saw this guy just strutting along with his suitcase, and she said “ah, it’s Suitcase Jimmy!” – so we had this character who had this little theme tune,” explains guitarist Dan Moss.

“Olly decided he was an aspiring actor who’d just arrived in New York, brimming with ambition. Daniel saw him as more of an egomaniacal, almost Patrick Bateman character, or some sort of spy, and his lyrics were more stream-of-consciousness.

“I wanted to make him very slightly more sympathetic, so he’s still a total yuppie but he does his recycling, he has some semblance of a conscience, a bit like Aziz Ansari’s character in Master of None. So he became all of those things.”

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