Everything Everything have a brand new single, ‘Supernormal’, and a video that will give us all nightmares

Seriously, guys, this is the kind of stuff that wakes us up at 4am.

Everything Everything have dropped a brand new single, and a really very weird new video to go alongside it.

Titled ‘Supernormal’, the song was written in the same sessions as most recent album ‘Re-Animator’, and comes alongside a clip directed by frontman Jonathan Higgs. He’s definitely been eating cheese before bedtime, Dear Reader. It’s nuts.

Speaking about the video, Higgs explains: “At this point I’d learned texturing, modelling, rigging, animating, how virtual cameras and lights work, so the path to creating ‘Supernormal’ was a matter of putting it all together, alongside some new experiments in physics simulations. The idea was to make dozens of tiny, explosive shots of action, ugly and extreme naked characters being distorted, surreal objects and animals, over-saturated colors, bright lights; all these impossible, grotesque images coming at you far too fast to comprehend. I adjusted and experimented until I saw things that excited or disgusted me, then repeated the process over and over again until I was satisfied.”

Excited or disgusted him. You can decide what is what.

“‘Supernormal’ is about supernormal stimuli,” he continues. “Highly exaggerated triggers that create a stronger reaction in us than evolution ever intended. Our animal brains can’t help but reach for the bigger, brighter, tastier, sexier, bloodier, more intense experiences. I wanted to create an extremely overwhelming experience in this song and video, it’s about being a slave to our instincts no matter how extreme they become.”

Okay then.

You can check out the video for ‘Supernormal’ below. Don’t have nightmares, kids.

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