Everything Everything are heading back to the office in their new video for ‘Big Climb’

The office? Yuck.

Everything Everything are celebrating their new album release with a video for ‘Big Climb’.

‘Re-Animator’ is out now (read all about it in the September issue of Dork), with the new clip seeing the boys heading back to work in fancy-schmancy office jobs.

“We started to notice a lot of online dejection at the state of the world that young people stand to inherit,” they explain. “It was nihilistic, but perfectly understandable and basically rational. They are inheriting a rapidly warming planet with few jobs and little affordable housing, created by previous generations who seem utterly unapologetic. The attitude is ‘We fucked it, now it’s your problem so you fix it.’ It’s shameful that we’re relying on fifteen year olds to lead the way. We wanted to satirise all of that.”

Give it a watch below, and catch the band on tour next spring.

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