Exit Kid have announced a new EP with grunge-fuelled cut ‘Working Stiff’

The EP's coming later this month.

Exit Kid have released their latest single, ‘Working Stiff’.

The follow-up to recent drop ‘Bleary Eyed’, it marks the third grunge-fuelled instalment from the band’s forthcoming ‘Garden’ EP, out 27th November.

“I wrote ‘Working Stiff’ a few years ago and it has always been one of our favourite songs to play live,” frontman Emre Türkmen (also of Years & Years) explains. “The song is about the grind of touring and the detachment that comes with it. Trying to reconnect with people after a long stretch away is always difficult.

“Like a lot of the earlier songs, it was written in a hotel room in USA. The lyric ‘I try to find a melody that fits the frame, that holds the key’ was about struggling to find the melody and words for this song. I was on the phone to my girlfriend, telling her how uninspired I felt and after hanging up, just sang that line. She (now my wife) still thinks it’s funny. I think it’s meta.”

Give it a listen below.

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