Eyesore & The Jinx have released their cautionary tale about ill-considered change and dodgy haircuts, ‘Accidental Weller’

Had enough?

Eyesore & The Jinx have shared their new single, ‘Accidental Weller’.

A standalone track drop out today (Friday, 2nd October) via Eggy Records, it was recorded during sessions with Daniel Fox from Girl Band and Matt Freeman for their recent debut EP, ‘The Exile Parlour’.

The band’s Josh Miller says: “As we emerge from the crusty isolation hovels that have housed us for the majority of 2020, to greet the outside world for the first time like a new-born with a five o’clock shadow, many of us will be taking our first tentative steps towards the barber or salon chair in this, the most cursed, of calendar years.

“For those brave enough to test their immune systems in pursuit of a revelatory new do, the temptation to seize the opportunity to emerge with a brand new identity will be all too much – understandable given this year has largely been spent unmuting, pretending to miss friends and relatives and brushing Pringle crumbs off of our chests.

“‘Accidental Weller’ however, is a cautionary tale about the urge for transformation in all of us. A timely reminder that you’re only ever a few snips away from a bouffant / mullet hybrid that belongs on a Vespa with a Union Jack paint job, doing 40 mph on an A road somewhere just outside of Luton. A verbal hand on the shoulder, patting you gently, letting you know that whatever plans you have, big or small, never work out quite like you would have wanted them to, much like this pointless, little year.

“So approach that chair with caution and remember, it always looks better when it’s washed.”

Check it out below.

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