Fab from The Strokes has teamed up with an art dealer who has the same name as him for a new collaboration


In what’s probably the weirdest news of the day, Fabrizio Moretti (from The Strokes) is teaming up with Fabrizio Moretti (an art dealer and collector) for a collaborative project that bridges each of their specialities.

Fabrizio Moretti x Fabrizio Moretti is a special, one-time-only exhibition and auction of Old Master paintings, which will be “showcased in dynamic and immersive installations” at Sotheby’s in New York from 15th–18th December.

Our Fab explains: “I was attracted to this project by this idea of perspective. It is pervasive throughout all aspects of this exhibit, starting simply by the fact that it involves one name but two pairs of eyes. 

“The goal of this installation is to construct a process of orientation that abstracts and individualizes the experience of witnessing its art. By building a circuitous path that explores modes of limiting or expanding the way the work is observed the viewer is urged to consider another form of interaction with any given painting or sculpture. 

“The installation speaks to the relevance of Old Masters today and will hopefully highlight the humanism that is threaded throughout the pieces. I hope to honor Fabrizio’s collection, his wealth of knowledge and the passion he brings with it.”

For more information, visit sothebys.com.

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