Canadian newcomer fanclubwallet tries to break bad habits with latest single, ‘That I Won’t Do’

It's also about navigating a new relationship.
Photo Credit: Ian Filipovic

fanclubwallet has returned with a brand new single, ‘That I Won’t Do’.

Following up on debut EP ‘Hurt Is Boring’, Canadian newcomer Hannah Judge (for it is she, etc – Ed), explains: “When I wrote ‘That I Won’t Do’ I was recovering from a year long illness and re entering into the socializing world (like so many others post pandemic).

“The song is about dealing with a new relationship/friendship where you aren’t sure whether the person is good for you or not, and you’re not feeling like yourself. It’s about trying to break bad habits while not wanting to break them at all.”

Quite brilliantly naming her stage persona after a Dennis the Menace wallet that belonged to her dad, you can check out an animated visualiser for ‘That I Won’t Do’ below.

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