Father John Misty debuts new track ‘Pure Comedy’ – which could be the name of his incoming new album…

When times get dark, Father John Misty helps us through it.
After a weekend that many would-of looked upon a year ago as being utterly bonkers, Father John Misty has managed to soundtrack all those feelings into a fresh new number called ‘Pure Comedy’, which might well be the name for his hotly anticipated new album…

The track itself is a classic slice of Misty-Melodies, building lush sounds around a state of the nation examination – brutal and straight to the point in a way only Father John Misty is able to do. Finishing up on the line “I hate to say it, but each other is all we’ve got”, it’s a six minute epic that deserves to be blared out from the tallest towers from here on out.

And that’s not all.

After debuting the track, one eagle-eyed Reddit investigator (yeah, that’s what they’re called) unearthed a web link which seems to show information on a new Father John Misty album (set to be titled ‘Pure Comedy’) with a release date of March 31st. Now if this is all so, then maybe our world can be saved… (especially with all that cracking merch).

Until then, we have ‘Pure Comedy’ (and its accompanying video directed by Matthew Daniel Siskin + “everyone in America”) and boy, thank christ that we have it.