Father John Misty unravels the ‘Ballad Of A Dying Man’

'Pure Comedy' is gearing itself up to be an absolutely vital listen
Father John Misty has certainly continued his swooning ways with another new number titled ‘Ballad Of A Dying Man’.

Releasing a rapid-fire selection of tracks in the past few days, ‘Ballad Of A Dying Man’ follows ‘Two Wildly Different Perspectives’ and his upcoming new album’s title track in shining examples that Father John is delivering some grade-A soothers for an album already sounding bloody essential for 2017.

That new album, ‘Pure Comedy’, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘I Love You, Honeybear’, is set to drop on April 7th and has already been accompanied by a 25 minute making-of documentary and long read essay piece examining the themes and creation of the record. So basically, Father John Misty is fucking around no more, and the ride’s going to be a cracking one.

Check out ‘Ballad Of A Dying Man’ below,