FEET are back with their first new music of the year, single ‘Changing My Mind Again’

Catch the band on tour with Inhaler later this month.

FEET are back with a brand new single, ‘Changing My Mind Again‘.

Following up on last year’s ‘Can’t Get In’ and their ‘Walking Machine’ EP, it’s accompanied by a live session video via SubCat, and a tour supporting Inhaler later this month.

“There’s always a level of uncertainty that hangs on my decisions I’ve found, particularly now in my mid 20s,” explains frontman George Haverson on the new track. “With age comes consequences which I wanted to explore with Changing My Mind Again. The band even embody the same indecisiveness when playing the song. Half the time Harry n Rains are swapping parts so much in ‘changing my mind again’ they don’t even realise who’s playing what. Best to not think about it too much and roll the dice I reckon, the wheels haven’t come off yet.”

Check it out below.

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