FEET have dropped a new video for their single ‘Changing My Mind Again’

The footage was shot on tour with Inhaler.

FEET have released a video for their latest single, ‘Changing My Mind Again’.

Following up on last year’s ‘Can’t Get In’ and their ‘Walking Machine’ EP, the footage was shot during their tour earlier this year supporting Inhaler.

“There’s always a level of uncertainty that hangs on my decisions I’ve found, particularly now in my mid 20s,” explains frontman George Haverson of the new track. “With age comes consequences which I wanted to explore with Changing My Mind Again.

“The band even embody the same indecisiveness when playing the song. Half the time Harry n Rains are swapping parts so much in ‘changing my mind again’ they don’t even realise who’s playing what. Best to not think about it too much and roll the dice I reckon, the wheels haven’t come off yet.”

Check it out below.

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