Fenne Lily has shared another new track, ‘Dawncolored Horse’

The new single is inspired by the poem 'The Horse That Had a Flat Tire' by Richard Brautigan.

Fenne Lily has shared another track from her upcoming album ‘Big Picture’, giving us a further glimpse of the record. The new single ‘Dawncolored Horse’ follows the previously released ‘Lights Light Up’ and is inspired by the poem ‘The Horse That Had a Flat Tire’ by Richard Brautigan.

In a press release, Lily said, “[Brautigan] talks about the woman he loves as being a ‘breathing castle.’ I truly don’t know what that means, but for me he’s distilled a feeling of absolute closeness. When you know someone so well it feels like you’re almost living inside them. That can be claustrophobic, but before it’s too much, it’s incredible.”

Lily also mentioned her listening habits while writing the track, which consisted of a lot of old country stuff, such as Ronnie Lane and Slim Change’s ‘Anymore For Anymore’ album, and the 1974 hit ‘Roll On Babe’.

The song features Joe Sherrin on lead guitar, Kane Eagle on bass, James Luxton on drums, Phil Cook on bango, and Brad Cook on mellotron, and it certainly has an old-school country vibe.

Lily said that when she played ‘Dawncolored Horse’ to her band, “it easily fell into that sort of world — it felt stable, which is cool for a song that came from a place of total instability.”

Fenne Lily’s new album ‘Big Picture’ is due for release on April 14th through Dead Oceans.

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