Fickle Friends are escaping from the madness with new track ‘What A Time’

It's the first taster of new EP 'Weird Years (Season 1)'

Fickle Friends have dropped a brand new track.

Titled ‘What A Time’, it’s also the lead single for the band’s brand new EP ‘Weird Years (Season 1)’, which is set to arrive on 15th January 2021 via Cooking Vinyl.

“This EP is the weird story of the last three years of our lives,” explains Natti Shiner. “It covers everything from waking up and feeling horrendous, to being stuck in lockdown and feeling anxious, to being heartbroken. There’s a lot in there that I think people will relate to.”

“‘What A Time’ is an anthem for escapism,” she continues. “With everything that has happened over the last six months, everyone has needed a little time away from the outside world. It’s felt like the world is going to shit, but you need to take some time out for yourself. Shut your bedroom door, turn your music up and dance around the room.”

So there we go.

The band have also filmed a video themselves for the track, which you can check out below.

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