Fickle Friends head to the casting call in their new video for ‘Hello Hello’

Just watch out for the flying chairs okay? They're deadly...
We’ve all been at interviews before, but trust us – casting calls are pretty blooming nerve-wracking. Especially if you have to audition to be in your own music video, as Fickle Friends show in their new clip for ‘Hello Hello’.

There’s a whole heap of demands to run through, whether that’s nailing a hula hoop, holding a microphone in a certain manner, crying, dancing, being scared – you really have to be able to do everything if you want that part.

Yes, that sometimes does include getting a chair chucked at you too. Sometimes, it’s just the way it is at these things. (We all got chairs chucked at us when we came into Dork HQ for the first time – agility is a key trait y’see)

After delivering certified banger after certified banger, Fickle Friends are going to sound blooming huge throughout the summer – playing a string of festivals all over the place including stops at Live At Leeds, The Great Escape and LeeFest Presents: The Neverland. Fickle Friends will then round out the year with a huge headline night at London’s O2 Forum on October 26th.

Roll every camera at ‘Hello Hello’ below, and make sure you nail that audition okay?!