Fickle Friends delve into old home videos for their new single, ’92’

They're working towards a new EP.

Fickle Friends have shared their new track ’92’.

It’s a cut from the band’s upcoming ‘Weird Years (Season 1)’ EP, due on 15th January; the follow-up to their Top 10 debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’.

Frontwoman Natti Shiner says: “The premise of 92 is so innocent…love without boundaries or questioning. I’m very fortunate my parents kept the VHS tapes from the 90s in Switzerland and my childhood… and we felt like using them for a video was a nice nod to the song title (92 – the year I was born). I think it represents that unblemished love you have as a child, everything just gets a bit messier and complicated as you grow up.”

Check it out below.

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