FIDLAR drop video for ‘Punks’, with a bit of help from The Flaming Lips

What are friends for, eh?
FIDLAR have dropped a new video for ‘Punks’, taken from last year’s album ‘Too’.

The band created the video in collaboration with The Flaming Lips, having met the band after covering ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1’ at a show in Oklahoma City.

“Getting to make a video at The Womb [The Flaming Lips’ art space] using all of The Flaming Lips’ resources was a dream come true,” says bassist Brandon Schwartzel. “We had their entire warehouse at our disposal and there were always a bunch of ‘freaks’ hanging around offering to help us make cool stuff. There doesn’t seem to be that much to do in Oklahoma City, so if you’re a weird art kid, you’re probably going to end up hanging out with The Flaming Lips.

“Something I really like about both of our bands is the preference for friends over professionals. Getting your friends together, giving them a job to do, and then watching them excel at it is super cool.

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