At The Drive In, Creeper and more are among the first bands for 2000trees

Basement and Arcane Roots have also signed up.
2000trees has made its first announcement of 2018, with eight bands to kick off the bill.

At The Drive In will play a UK festival exclusive set headlining the Main Stage on Thursday.

“We are super excited to being playing the 2000trees Festival this year,” says drummer Tony Haijar. “With the whole festival atmosphere changing in general, it is great to be part of something that still supports rock bands.”

Also playing, are Creeper, Basement, Arcane Roots, Hell is for Heroes, Touche Amore, Turbowolf and Gold Key. They’ve another headliner announcement coming later this week, too, so keep an eye out for that.

2000trees will take place from 12th-14th July in Cheltenham.

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