Flamango Bay share new EP taster ‘Lucky Star’ – listen

The track is taken from forthcoming debut EP 'The Fool', set to be released on 13th May via 0800-MOSHI-MOSHI.

Flamango Bay have shared a new track, ‘Lucky Star’.

The track is taken from forthcoming debut EP ‘The Fool’, set to be released on 13th May via 0800-MOSHI-MOSHI.

“‘Lucky Star’ represents the feeling of wanting something to go well so bad that you’d do anything to remain optimistic, even if it means completely immersing yourself in your own delusions and fantasy,” says songwriter Ikaika Gunderson. “We used common motifs and symbolism both in the lyrics (stars, four leaf clovers, lady bugs, spells and magic etc.) and musically (the song is in 7/4 time) to get across the idea of being optimistic and lucky.”

“I wanted to make the catchiest and most accessible pop song in an odd time signature that I could. I thought it would be funny if I wrote the happiest song I possibly could, but it was actually really sad.”

“It’s the most delusional and epic song we’ve ever written, and it’s one of our favorites to perform.”

Inspired by the fool tarot card, the three-piece cite influence from the likes of The Great Gaspy and Wandavision for their first collection of songs. “In a more general way we saw our psyches and emotional state about the pandemic reflected in the EP,” they explain. “We graduated high school in the pandemic, started college in the pandemic, moved to LA in the pandemic. All these monumental life events that were supposed to be joyous and exciting were overshadowed by this really depressing world event.”

You can check out ‘Lucky Star’ below.

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