‘Flame’-ing hell, there’s a new one from Sundara Karma

Another stadium-sized hit from their upcoming debut album ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’
Reading’s very own anthem nailers Sundara Karma have popped another one out of their sleeve, with the mesmerising new one ‘Flame’.

The fan favourite has been given a cracking new re-release, full of shimmering highs and the sort of chorus that will cause hysteria wherever they crack it out.

Explaining how the track was inspired by Greek philosopher Plato and his book Allegory Of The Cave, frontman Oscar Pollock said:

“Ever since I heard that story I thought it was crazy, especially how old and relevant it still is. We’re told that happiness will come from buying more shit or that you’re inadequate, from adverts, that you need to buy the new best thing in order to feel better. It’s really fucked up and there’s definitely some shady shit behind power. For me it’s so obvious what’s wrong with the world at the moment and what the solutions would be – improving education for example, and taxing companies that have committed crimes. I don’t understand why those things aren’t happening. There must be some dodgy shit going on if these obvious things aren’t being addressed.”

Amen to that. Sundara Karma are just about to head out on the road on a bumper US tour for BBC Introducing (including an appearance from Dork faves Spring King) before returning to these shores at the start of the year to support Two Door Cinema Club and then set out on their own headline run of dates.

Busy times, but when your debut album ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ is out on January 6th – you can see why things are getting a bit hectic.

Check out ‘Flame’ below,