FLO have shared Happi’s viral remix of their hit, ‘Cardboard Box’, and performed the track during their TV debut

The single originally hit streaming in March this year.

FLO have shared Happi’s remix of their R&B-pop hit, ‘Cardboard Box’, and also performed the track on US television.

The UK producer’s rework of FLO’s track has experienced significant virality via TikTok, and made its awaited streaming release last Friday, October 7th.

It follows their recent single, ‘Not My Job’, and is a reinvention of their debut single, which they originally shared back in March of this year.

You can listen to ‘Cardboard Box – Happi Remixhere.

The trio also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Friday, October 7th, making their TV debut by performing ‘Cardboard Box’. You can watch the footage below:

FLO will headline a sold-out rendition of ‘Mahalia Presents’ at London’s Moth Club next Tuesday, October 18th.

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