flowerovlove has released a new video for ‘Love You’

It's her first new material of 2023.
Photo Credit: TJJ

flowerovlove has shared a video for her new single, ‘Love You’.

Her first new music of the year, it follows on from recent EP ‘A Mosh Pit In The Clouds’ and arrived to coincide with Valentine’s Day last month.

“‘Love You’ is an incredibly magical song I wrote with my brother!” she says. “The song is about universal love, all inclusive love. This is a love song that can be sung about anyone – your mum, your dog, your best friend or even your grandmother!! Within the theme of love Valentine’s Day came to my mind as the song celebrates love, so releasing it close to Valentine’s Day is perfect! I want everyone to feel nostalgia from love you and to be able to connect it to a loved one.”

She also spoke about the track with Dork at the end of last year: “There’s this one song that will 100% be on the first album, it’s called ‘Love You’. I’m very connected to this song; it’s the type of song that has to be sung in a stadium and it expresses a lot of my personality and what I want to say.”

Check it out below.

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