Foals have dropped ‘Crest Of The Wave’, a final taster of their new album, ‘Life Is Yours’

The full-length is set to arrive this Friday (17th June).

Foals have dropped a final taster of their new album, ‘Life Is Yours’.

Titled ‘Crest Of The Wave’, it’s the fifth preview of the imminent album, which is set to arrive this Friday (17th June).

Following up on ‘2001’, ‘Looking High’, ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘2am’, frontman Yannis Philippakis explains: “A portion of Crest Of The Wave existed in 2011, we had demoed it in Australia and just left it for years. But it was one of those songs which had always been at the back of our minds, like there was some unfinished business there. As we were playing around with it with some of the themes on this record, we cracked it open and really revelled in adding lots of layers to it in the studio. I was looking at the power of the lyrics to transport myself and the listener somewhere else. It’s set in St. Lucia which is an island that has always visually struck me as being very powerful.”

You can check it out below.

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