Foals have launched a new YouTube series, FBC Transmissions

Foals have launched a new YouTube series.

Curated by Toby L from Transgressive Records and the band’s regular collaborator Kit Monteith, ‘FBC Transmissions’ will arrive in weekly episodes, and follows the time around their recent two-part ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’.

Toby and Kit comment: “The cameras have been rolling more or less non-stop for the past 18 months, from the creation of the band’s recent albums, all the way through to the ‘ENSWBL’ world tour. We wanted to re-inhabit those moments in a time where it feels that introspection is more important than ever, offering new glimpses into what has been such a crucial era for the band and society at large. Every week’s missive will provide a concise, intimate insight into the band’s world, alternating week on week. We hope each one has the potential to, in some small way, brighten your day.”

Give the first ‘transmission’ a watch below.

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