Folly Group have given their debut single ‘Four Wheel Drive’ their own ‘club flip’

They're fiddling with themselves.

London newcomers Folly Group are fiddling with themselves.

By which, Dear Reader, we mean they’ve already reworked their own debut single ‘Four Wheel Drive’ with a “FG’s Club Flip”. Yes, that’s a thing.

Paying homage to their love of electro and bass music, the band’s Sean Harper explains: “There’s no rule that governs how we approach remixing and repurposing our own work, but doing so is our expression of gratitude for our influences. We let the pace and mood of the original inform what feels appropriate for the flip. I think you can hear lofty aspirations that aim to recreate a sinister yet playful DMX Krew vibe, and hopefully the way in which we’ve fallen short is interesting in itself.”

See. Fiddling with themselves.

After a run of socially distanced shows this June, Folly Group will head out on the road this September and October in support of Do Nothing.

You can check out Folly Group’s ‘Four Wheel Drive (FG’s Club Flip)’ below.

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