Foreign Poetry debut their new single, ‘MHL’

"The album is a meditation on lapsed spiritual practice."
Austrian/English songwriting duo Foreign Poetry have unleashed their new single, ‘MHL’, a rich, introspective tapestry of indie-rock goodness.

Due for release on 25th May via Portuguese independent label Pataca Discos, the track’s taken from new album ‘Grace and Error on the Edge of Now’ and accompanied by a single launch party on 30th May at Two Tribes Brewery in London.

The band’s Danny Geffin says of the release:

“The album is a meditation on lapsed spiritual practice, whether the notion of faith has a functional value in our evolution, the impact of technological expediency on the human condition, the dissemination of information as it informs an apparent shift of human consciousness… the indoctrination of youth and moving past adolescence. It’s about the fear of flying, of looking down if you do, of staying on the ground if you don’t. There are parts of the album concerned with the minutia of one’s interior world, and others with the global cacophony of unregulated progressivism, the death of nuance, environmental negligence and the ends of empires. Much of it is as abstract as it is specific to the central themes of being alive.”

Check out ‘MHL’ below.

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