Frank Iero hypes up the joys of new projects: “There are no rules”

"It's fucking great," he says in the new issue of Dork.
Frank Iero has just announced a new album, ’Parachutes’ for 28th October. It’s not his only release this autumn though, with a Death Spells record having just dropped.

“What appeals to me about the new band thing is this new beginning where you get to name it and figure out what the aesthetic is,” Frank explains of his many projects, in the new issue of Dork.

“The world is wide open. You can sound like anything. You can be anything. There are no rules at that point, and that’s fucking great.”

Find out more about Frank Iero’s recent Death Spells album in the September issue of Dork, out tomorrow (Friday 9th September) – order your copy here. It also features The Big Moon, Warpaint, AlunaGeorge, Rat Boy, Deap Vally, The Wytches and loads more.

Interview: Heather McDaid.

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