GAYLE has shared her new EP, ‘a study of the human experience volume two’

The record was released today, October 7th, via Atlantic Records/Arthouse Records.

GAYLE has shared ‘a study of the human experience volume two’, the follow-up to her March 2022 debut EP.

It follows ‘a study of the human experience volume one’, which hinted at “main character potential” according to Dork’s 3-star review, which you can read here.

“Every choice I have ever made has gotten me to this very moment,” GAYLE has observed “Some I made subconsciously, and some I’ve made deliberately. Either way, every moment of the human experience I chose to live made me who I am. I’m not always proud of who I am or the things I’ve done, but I am who I am, and I can’t change that.”

“‘a study of the human experience volume two’ talks about the moments that happened in my life that lead to where I am,” she adds. “I don’t always do the healthiest, the smartest, the most mature, the most reasonable or responsible things – I just do what I want in the moment and learn from my mistakes.”

You can check out ‘a study of the human experience volume twohere. The full tracklist reads as below:

1. indieedgycool
2. fmk (with blackbear)
4. 15
5. god has a sense of humor
6. snow angels

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