George Moir has shared another laidback lo-fi pop number from his upcoming EP

Check out 'Empty'.

George Moir has shared another new track from his upcoming EP.

‘Empty’ is a laidback lo-fi pop number that follows on from ‘Flowers’, with both set to appear on a larger project due for release in spring.

George says: “‘Empty’ is kind of a sister track to my last single ‘Flowers’. I wrote it the same week – we had one day left at the studio before I had to go home. I was drained and spent the whole year up to that point working a full-time job alongside making music. Eventually, I had to quit the job and the money was starting to run out and I was completely burnt out.

“We’d been trying to write stuff all day and nothing was really very good, but I went back to the studio on my own, sat down at a Rhodes piano, and out came the song. It was like it was just waiting there for me. It was a huge relief to not have to brute force anything, and it summed up the whole frustrated feeling for me! I was absolutely knackered and absolutely broke, and it was a real relief to stop holding it together for a minute and just get it out into a song.”

Check it out below.

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