Get Inuit are embracing the darkness inside with their new vid for ‘Barbiturates’

Gimps. A load of gimps. In the video, obviously. Not the band.
Things we have established: Get Inuit’s ‘Barbiturates’ is a certified banger. Things we are now discovering: Get Inuit’s ‘Barbiturates’ now has an equally banging video.

Featuring high stepping exercise, sandwiches, candlelit meals, joyriding, cages, gimps and bloody murder, it’s just the standard faire, right?

Frontman Jamie Glass explains: “From moments of normality to peaks of insanity, the video shows how there is a repressed side to all of us, that if ignored can become lethal. The whole concept of the shoot was to show a variety of wolves in sheep’s clothing, however the more we digressed the clearer it became that the problems didn’t lie with the wolves but with the pressure of the sheep’s scrutiny. We’re all a little dark, and that’s okay.”

We’re all a little DORK, you mean, eh mate? Mate?! Come back!

Get Inuit are off on tour with Spring King this February. That’ll be nice. Check out the ‘Barbiturates’ vid below and read our recent New Wave of 2017 interview with the band here.

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