Get Inuit mix it up with brand new banger ‘Teriyaki’

Get to know frontman Jamie Glass and find out more on the delicious slice of indie-fuzz.
If there’s a band who look set to bring the fun back to sweet guitar licks, it’s Get Inuit. The Kent foursome have created a scene over the past year, releasing track after track of uncompromising riff-pop joy, with a raucous live show to boot which has found them touring all over the shop and becoming best buds with our pals Spring King.

New single ‘Teriyaki’ is the moment where Get Inuit hit the ground running, focused and demanding attention. With the band set to tour around the UK later this year as support for the previously mentioned Spring King, expect much, much more.

We caught up with frontman Jamie Glass to see what’s going down, their favourite Japanese cooking sauces, bathing and everything that’s in store over the next few months.

Hey Jamie, where on earth are you at the moment?

I’m in a bedroom in South London, watching The Office, live-texting Rob (in the band) obscure quotes for no apparent reason whatsoever.

New single ‘Teriyaki’ is a bloody great banger, how did it all come about?

Well firstly, thank you very much – that’s high praise Dork! Secondly, it’s one of those songs that, for lack of a better term, squirted out of us! Like a sneeze, or a sweaty high five. We kept it short and simple, and stuffed as much as we could into it. Like a pillow, or a sausage.

How do you think you’ve progressed since your last few singles? They keep getting catcher and catchier!

As a singer, I decided to relax a bit more. Sure it’s great to sometimes have songs that showcase a complex vocal. But sometimes the melody is crying to be in a human’s register (sorry my canine friends) and I think it creates more an innate, earthy connection with the listener. Nobody wants to singalong to a song they can’t singalong too do they Dork?

Surely some sort of relation to ‘Teriyaki’ sauce right? If not, are there any specific Japanese cooking sauces that well and truly float your boat?

When I was a teen, I drank a full polystyrene cup of Sweet n’ Sour sauce. I’m not sure I could do that with Teriyaki, but that’s okay, we’re not all perfect. I also had a habit of eating Lemon Curd straight from the jar as an evening treat but that’s a story for another time!

We bloody love your ‘dirty noise-pop’, but surely you take plenty of baths – how has the tour bus been lately with life on the road? I hope there’s some great washing facilities available for you?

Despite appearances, we are rather clean. We manage to find many a Travelodge hotel room to freshen up in whilst on the road. Oh yes! We love a good shower. Oliver used to install them back in the day and his affinity for the process hasn’t faded in time.

You’ve been on tour for what seems like an age, how have the recent live shows been?

Touring has been remarkable! We’ve been incredibly fortunate to support great bands (Spring King, VANT, Broken Hands) who foolishly do all of the hard work for us by winning copious amounts of fans. All we do is turn up and borrow them for half an hour! It’s daylight robbery!

How have you managed to fit in the time to jump in the studio and whack out some more great music?

We were granted ‘Momentum’ funding by PRS at the beginning of this year. So whilst everyone was recovering from Christmas hangovers and distracted by poorly thought out New Year’s Resolutions (Let’s be honest Geraldine, you’re never going to hand glide, why don’t you see if the lessons are refundable!), we snuck into the studio and managed to weave a basket full of songs. James (Simpson, guitarist and producer extraordinaire) and Kris (Harris, just a plain producer extraordinaire) were able to create a stylistic theme that remains present throughout the songs, it’s really great! I am biased. But I think you’ll love it!

As a band you seem to be hitting out banger after banger – what’s the secret recipe behind it all?

If a mysterious man in a trench coat offers you the power to create 2 minute pop songs whenever you desire… Ignore him! He may well be the devil.

Stay in school. Hard work and perseverance. Eat your 5 a day. That will do it!

You’re back on the road with Spring King later in the year, what’s it like being on the road with them and how do you plan to make those dates the ultimate winter warmers?

They are the sweetest gentlemen in the industry! They deserve the world and hopefully one day it will be theirs and they’ll share it with us!

We’re playing some huge venues and we’ve been using festival season to practice some prancing about. We’re going to have a lot of leg room and we need to make sure our turkey drum thighs cover every inch of the stage!

What have you got planned for the rest of the day? Have you got your dinner sorted for later?

You know what, I might hit the hay actually. I’m pretty exhausted and Rob isn’t replying to any of my The Office texts. Night Dork. Sweet dreams! [sc name=”stopper”]

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