Get your bounce on with Indoor Pets’ new video for their latest turbo banger ‘Hi’

The band's latest single comes ahead of a 2019 debut.

In many ways, Indoor Pets are the ultimate Dork certified band. Packed with personality, they only deliver turbo-bangers soaked in Vitamin D. Basically, if we had one new band to take to a desert island, it would almost certainly be them.

So, Dear Reader, it’s no shock to anyone that we’re recommending you spend three minutes and twenty-eight seconds of you’re day checking out the video to the band’s brand new video for most recent single ‘Hi’.

Featuring a space hopper, a trampoline, and maximum indie rock action, it’s our template for everything a band should be. There’s even slo-mo confetti. Nothing is more us than slo-mo confetti.

Indoor Pets are set to release their debut album next year through their new label Wichita. You can check out the video for ‘Hi’ below.

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