Gia Ford has released a new video for ‘Girl’, a cut from debut tape ‘Poster Boy’

"I wrote ‘Girl' because I wanted to write a pop song," Gia explains.

London-based artist Gia Ford has released her debut tape ‘Poster Boy’. Out today via Dirty Hit, the seven-track release arrives alongside a video for highlight ‘Girl’.

“I wrote ‘Girl’ because I wanted to write a pop song,” Gia explains. “Something that was immediate – the process itself was fast – I didn’t feel like overanalysing that day, so when I think about the song now it has a really light hearted air to it. It was such a happy shoot, almost all female team and we all became friends. The video is really a reflection of that energy we had on set.”

“It’s really an audio snapshot of my world at the time;” she adds of the tape itself, “as it’s my first release it’s almost as if I had to figure out a way of using all my influences that I had gathered in my head for my whole life up until this point. So all it can really be is a photo of these past two years, or past 22 years in a much broader frame. It’s also a reflection of how we communicate right now, my friends and I, myself on my own, it’s not overly devised, especially when it comes to the interludes. They’re real life moments and conversations, ponderings and without planning those things people say them and think them. So I wanted to incorporate those in the world around the songs that you hear. I have felt so influenced and inspired so often and within the past two years I feel like I grew out of a lot of things stylistically that I had to shed from old songs. All the songs are me painting a scene of myself reflecting on something. It’s the most organic way of writing in this beginning period of my time as a songwriter. So it’s good to get it out so I can make way for all this new stuff I need to realise.”

Check out ‘Girl’ below.

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