Gia Ford’s new single ‘Sleeping In Your Garden’ is huge and great

It's "raw and really unsettling," she says.

Gia Ford’s released a new single, ‘Sleeping In Your Garden’.

The St. Vincent-y track – which follows on from her May EP ‘Murder In The Dark’ – saw her team up with Fred Macpherson from Spector, and Jerskin Fendrix.

“The song has been quite organic from the get-go,” she explains. “Fred Macpherson, Jerskin Fendrix and I wrote the track and were just going with whatever came to us first. As soon as the bass was there it felt like I knew what I’d write about, I was in the scene that I’d continue to paint in my head.

“It definitely got more and more out of the box for me as it went on; even during recording I had to let go of what I’d usually do and just be what the song needed me to be. It’s a bit ‘For Your Pleasure’ by Roxy Music, still in that world of darkness that Murder In The Dark was, but saturated, creepified, the camp has been stripped out and what remains is really raw and really unsettling.

“It was fun to make and doesn’t inform what is to come at all, rather it’s a sendoff for Murder In The Dark.”

Give it a listen below.

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